Friday, August 08, 2008

Rosenzweig Family

I would like to thank Cousin Adele Goldschmied for all the research she has done on our family.
Adele's Great Grandmother Antonette ( Antonie ) is the sister of my Great Great Grandmother
Helena (Lena).

Jacob Rosenzweig (born in area that spoke German in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire in 1839) and his wife Lena (Biecheler- not sure of the spelling) came to the United States in 1867. They lived in New York City where their three daughters were born: Julia (1868), Sarah (Nov. 28, 1875), and Amelia “Mollie or Malie” (Aug 18, 1879). Jacob worked as a tailor.

According to my Cousin Joan Walgren Wacker who is Mollies Granddaughter, Jacob and Lena may have had as many as 13 children but only the 3 girls lived to adulthood.

On the census of 1880 the family is living in New York

Jacob is first mentioned in the Sandusky directory in 1882-83 (as Jos.) living at 602 Railroad and working as a peddler. In 1884-85 he (John) had moved to 624 Railroad. In 1886-87 he (Jos.) lived at 620 Railroad, but his daughter Julia was listed at 705 Clinton where she worked as a knitter.

In Sandusky on March 22, 1887, Julia married David Dittler (Hungarian, 1860) and they moved to Chicago. They had three girls, Bella, Gertrude and Harriet

Julia and David's Marriage License

Bella's Birth Certificate

The listing in 1889-90 (again as Jos.) had his profession as scrap iron and they had moved to the corner of Camp and Monroe Streets. He was living with Lena (listed as a knitter) and daughters Mollie and Sarah.

In 1894 he advertised in the Register as the owner of the Buckeye Knitting Company that made all types of stockings.

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