Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dittler Family

David Dittler 1860-1919
Julia Rosenzweig Dittler 1868-1900

The Rosenzweig Family

We start on the 1880 Census where we find Jacob and Lena Rosenzweig living at 50 Clinton St # 280 in New York. The census states that Jacob is 40 years old, he is a tailor and he was born in Hungary, it says that both his parents were born in Germany.
Lena was 39 and keeping house, she was born in Hungary as was her Father and her Mother was born in Germany.

Julia my great grandmother was the oldest daughter she was 12 on the 1880 census and she had 2 younger sisters Sarah 5 and Amelia who was 9 months old.

The next document I have is 7 years later Julia is getting married to David Dittler on March 22nd 1887 in Ohio

Next came the birth of my grandmother Bella Dittler on Jan 31 1888 in Sandusky Ohio

Next Julia and David had their second daughter Gertrude (Goldie) on Oct 4TH 1889.
This is an interesting article it shows that David Dittler was a Junk dealer. Later we find several relatives are Junk Dealers in Sandusky.

Julia and David have their third daughter Harriet (Hattie) on June 5th 1893. Hattie is born in Chicago, Illinois. Julia has now left her parents and sisters back in Sandusky Ohio.

Julia’s mother Lena had a sister Antonie that lives in Sandusky. Antonie is married to a man named Samuel Kulka and they brought several children with them from Hungary. Adolphine, Hermania, Joseph, Bertha, Laportia and Henry they also have a son named Samuel Jr. who is born in Ohio. Antonia may have been pregnant when the family arrived in 1892 because Samuel Jr. was born that same year.
Antonie’s husband Samuel started out as a knitter just like Lena’s husband Jacob. The following two advertisements appear on the same page of the newspaper in Sandusky in 1894

Here are some newspaper articles showing the family visits.

Julia’s youngest sister Amelia who now goes by Mollie married a man named Ernest Silberberg
on Jan 29th 1899 and they have a daughter Wilma on Oct 15th 1899. Mollie will marry Albert Notz
later so I am not sure if she is widowed or gets divorced

Julia’s other sister Sarah married a man named Adolph Wiener and they own a retail store in
Sandusky. They have a daughter Catherine in 1896. Catherine survived being hit by a
street car in July of1899 but then sadly she died of scarlet fever less than 3 months later

3 days prior to Catherine’s passing her cousin Adolphine was married to
Joseph Cohen. This article states that Adolphine last name was Miller but
her parents are Mr and Mrs S Kulka, so she may be a step daughter.
Joseph Cohen and Adolphine will have 3 children Elmer 1902, Norma 1904
and Leopold ( Paul ) 1909.

Unfortunately on April 16th 1900 my Great Grandmother Julia passed away of
a bronchial ailment, she was 31 years old.
After losing their first daughter Catherine to scarlet fever Julia’s sister Sarah gave birth to a
daughter Bianca Julia Wiener in 1901, her middle name his after the aunt she never met.
In 1 year and 8 months after Julia passed away Bella my Grandmother married Harry E. Alcus on December 18th 1902 she was a month and half away from turning 14 at the time.

David later married Clara Falkenstein , they were together on the 1910 census and until he passed away on August 11th 1919

Here in 1905 Samuel Kulka and his Son in law Joseph Cohen are selling stoves
In Sandusky.

2 more of Samuel and Antonies daughter are married now. Hermania married a man named
David Adelman and they had 2 daughters Sadie in 1906 and Gertrude in 1911. Bertha marries a man named Bohmiel Kraus and they have 2 sons Clifford in 1912 and Leonard in 1918, they are
divorced by 1930.

Here in 1907 the Kulka family is having Thanksgiving dinner with children and grandchildren.
My great great grandmother Lena Rosenzweig is there.