Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Mother Goldie Roselyn Germain (Joan Robbins)

My Mother was born Goldie Roselyn Germain on February 19th 1931
She was the only daughter of Samuel J Germain 1901-1956 and Bella Dittler 1888-1966
Goldie was named after Bella younger sister Gertrude (Goldie) Dittler 1889-1958
It was the great depression in 1931 when my mother was born and her father Sam was out of work like alot of the country at the time. Gertrude (Goldie) was married to a man named Jack Kennedy and they paid the for my mother Goldies (Joan) hospital bill. My grandmother Bella did not really like the name Goldie so she called her daughter Joan.
Sam and Bella were living in San Bernandino at the time of Joans birth but soon after moved in with Sam's parent Louis and Grace German at 2705 S St Andrews Place in Los Angeles, California

This is a picture of 2705 S St Andrews Place
Taken in 2005

Mickey Mouse was born in 1928 just 3 years before my Mom. Here is my Mom holding a Mickey Mouse doll on the beach near where she lived. My Mom grew up in Venice and Ocean Park California where the summers were crowded with people