Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rabinowitz Family

Michael Rabinowitz 1885-1977

On Jan 20th, 1929 Bubke and her 2nd Husband Michael Rabinowitz had my Father Jacob Rabinowitz who was later known as Jack Robbins. Michael work as a junk peddlar and during the depression Jacob was sent to live with relatives that could afford to take care of him.

Michael had 2 children from his first wife Esther Levine who passed away around 1922. He had a daughter named Dorothy who was known as Dottie 1915-1990 and a Son named Louis who was known as Leo 1917-1975. Dottie and Leo may have spent time in an orphanage after their mother passed away.

Dottie's married name was Vice and she last lived in Edison,NJ. Dottie had a daughter named Sandy who's married name is Fink . Sandy has 2 sons and 6 grandchildren.

Leo who also changed is last name to Robbins had 2 children Elaine and Joe.
Elaine's married name is Badgley and she has 2 sons John & Dan and a daughter Erin.

Michael, Bubke and Jack moved to California in the 1940's. Michael worked in contruction and survived a bout with lung or throat cancer due to breathing in asbestos on the job sites.

My Grandpa Mike is the only grandparent that I have memories of because the others either passed away before I was born or when I was very young. My Grandpa Mike was always very nice to me. I remember him giving me a 5 dollar bill on most visits. Grandpa Mike was hard of hearing and a little senile, but he was in his ninties.

In his later years Grandpa Mike lived in a small bungalow located at 247 Dimmick Ave in Venice,CA. Granpa Mike used to repeat a phrase that sounded like "Muskie's in jail" . Senator Edmund Muskie was defeated by George McGovern for the Democratic nomination for President in 1972, but to the best of my knowledge never went to jail.

Another one of Grandpa Mikes sayings was "Joanie this soup is awful, awful good". He meant this as a compliment to my mother. I also remember being fascinated by my grandpas teeth soaking in a glass of water. Grandpa Mike fell and broke his hip so he was moved to a nursing home were he died when he choked on some food.