Monday, November 28, 2005

Germansky Family

Barnett Germansky 1847-1922

This is my Great Great Grandfather Barnett Germansky.According to the 1900 Census he came from Russia to the United States in 1888 . The first picture was taken in Kansas City Missouri. In 1900 he lived at 615 Locust St in Kansas City Mo with his Wife Rosy, Son's Louis and Jake and Daughters Esther and Sarrah.

Barnett worked as Tailor at the Robinson Woolen Company in Kansas City, Missouri. He lived in Kansas City . Barnett passed away on Oct 14th,1922
My cousins Barry and Claire Cohon translated the Hebrew on his headstone as follows:

The engraving on the headstone is actually Hebrew, and some of it is abbreviated. The two letters at the top stand for "Here Lies", then comes the name "Do'Ber" (I believe this is shortened from Dov Ber: Dov is Hebrew for "bear" and the Yiddish equivalent is Ber, frequently Berl, that was probably the name he was called, and became Barnett in english) "son of Yehuda Leyb German, died on Shmini Atzeres" (the holiday that comes at the end of Succos or Tabernacles festival in the fall) in the year "5683" (coresponding to 1922) and the five letters at the bottom stand for "May his soul be bound in the scroll of life."

Rose Kushner 1854-1930

Louis J German 1874-1941